Webchamps Prepares for Launch of POINTPROOF

Webchamps is preparing for the launch of POINTPROOF, a new concept in affordable online digital proofing. POINTPROOF has been designed from the ground up for ease of use geared twoard advertising and marketing firms, printing firms and digital photgraphy companies.

POOINTPROOF will be a subscription based service co-branded with your companies name to provide added value from you compay to you customers

Youcan read more at the POINTPROOF homepage here.


Webchamps does .Net

Webchamps does .Net

Webchamps' extensive .Net experience can assist you in building the perfect solution for your companies growing needs, from the .Net languages to .Net server 2003. Webchamps also does .Net on UNIX , that right UNIX! As amazing as it sound Microsofts revolutionary new programming languages are available on Unix systems as well. read more>>


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